Caring For Your Dentures in Lehi
By Gordon Family Dental
December 02, 2013
Category: Oral Health
Tags: dentures   Lehi  
Cosmetic Dentist Lehi UT DenturesWhen it comes to your dentures, it is important to maintain proper care. By properly caring for your dentures, you can ensure they last longer and fit better.  To keep your dentures in top shape, Dr. David Gordon offers the following tips:
  • Clean your dentures daily. Remember to brush your dentures daily in the same way you would brush your own teeth.  However, there is one key difference: Skip the toothpaste.  Many commercial types of toothpaste can be damaging to your dentures, which is why Dr. Gordon recommends a soft-bristle denture brush that is designed specifically for cleaning dentures.  Be careful not to bend any attachments and make sure to rinse your dentures with water after every meal.
  • Protect Your Dentures in Lehi. When handling your dentures, Dr. Gordon recommends filling the sink with water or placing a folded towel in the sink so you don’t break them if they should fall into the sink. And if your dentures have metal attachments, be careful of the cleaning solutions you use because some solutions can cause the metal to tarnish. 
  • Remove Your Dentures Every Night. By removing your dentures at night, it allows your gum tissue beneath the dentures to rest.  Wearing your dentures throughout the day can rub against your gums, so taking them out at night will help.
If you take proper care of your dentures, you should be able to use them for five to seven years before replacing them.  By visiting Dr. David Gordon, your dentist in Lehi, dentures can be created to replace your missing teeth.  Remember to take proper care of your dentures, to ensure they last you a lifetime.