Give Your Smile a Second Life
By Gordon Family Dental
March 18, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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A set of dentures may not exactly be the first thing that comes to mind when considering tooth replacement options, especially for younger patients. In fact, dentures have been known to suffer something of an unfair reputation, usually associated with old age. But with many people suffering from some degree of gum disease and tooth loss as early as their 40s, dentures are one of the most effective Dentures ways to restore both the look and function of a damaged smile.

Modern Dentures in Lehi

Thankfully, dentures have evolved and modernized to offer many attractive and natural looking options for patients of all ages. As with any dental treatment, dentures are not a "one size fits all" solution, and many varieties exist to address the unique needs of a wide range of patients. Dr. David Gordon, a family dentist based in Lehi, UT, offers several denture options for patients with varying degrees of tooth loss. Whether missing all or even just a few teeth, there's a set of dentures designed for that!

Types of Dentures

Not all cases of tooth loss are created equal. While some people need to have all of the teeth replaced, many others have remaining healthy teeth, and prefer a solution that will preserve what is left of their natural smile. There are several options available to address the range of tooth replacement needs:

Complete - replace all teeth (can be placed on just the upper or lower jaw, or both as needed)

Partial - used to fill in for missing teeth when there are some remaining natural teeth

Overdentures - fit over remaining natural teeth or dental implants for a stable and secure fit

Family Dentist in Lehi

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